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About The Town of Newburyport
Newburyport continues its wonderful eclectic charm with its sensational river view that is perfect for a romantic boardwalk stroll in the evening light, shopping with our elegant store fronts that bring the luster from our small town to your hearts and restaurants and Inns that will make your stay seamless and perfect. Newburyport has strived to keep its beautiful original small town charm, all the while bringing you the comfort of a divine vacation or staycation that will have you planning your next visit!  

Our quaint little shops line the streets on State Street, Pleasant Street, Water/Merrimack, and little ally’s in between. These little treasures showcase specialty items for Baby Gifts, Handmade Jewelry from the shopkeepers themselves, Handmade Pottery from local artist, Candles, Beauty Supplies and Handmade Body Scents and oils, Ornaments for every occasion, whimsical, and Wedding and Anniversary gifts and memorabilia for that certain someone special. Planning a night on the town no need to pack that certain eveningwear, shop our local boutiques and get the one on one customer service that you have only dreamed of. Enjoy merchant hospitality, where kindness and quality are key. 

Breathtaking, and mouth water food, with let your tastes buds and pallet swoon with intoxication. Our vast array of restaurants will satisfy all your dining cravings. Newburyport’s collection of fine but affordable dining continue to expand giving you choice and comfort close to the shopping district, or to you rooms at our Inn’s and Motels. Most will deliver if needed, and reservations are not always needed, but during the summer months please call ahead to grantee a seat in our pristine bistros. 

Your slumber and relaxation are very important when away from home. Newburyport continues to bring the ease and sophistication to our delightful Inns and Bed and Breakfasts. Bringing the comfort of home into our décor, bedding, lighting, and service you will find yourself forgetting the craze of the weekday and allowing tranquility to enter your surroundings. Most Inns and Bed and Breakfasts you will find in our town are old Victorian homes, with the original brick and mortar enhancing the grounds, and inside the amazing detail of the past continues to outline the building’s interior for a spectacular show of old world design.
Bird Watchers Delight!

Established in 1942 primarily to provide feeding, resting, and nesting habitat for migratory birds, Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary know here in Newburyport as Joppa Flatts is located along the Atlantic Flyway, the refuge is of vital stopover significance to waterfowl, shorebirds, and songbirds during pre- and postbreeding migratory periods.
For a small donation of $5.00 at the gate you can enjoy the beauty that our great marshes have to offer, and gaze at the spectacular collection of migrating birds that continue to come here!
6 Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport, MA 01950
Whale Watching and Sight Seeing

Witness a mother whale frolic with her calf, or a full-grown adult breach exuberantly out of the water. During your Newburyport whale watch these amazing animals will often display themselves in full glory, giving you the ultimate Newburyport whale watching experience. Some common behavior displayed on a Newburyport whale watching tour includes blowing and spy hopping. They’ll also slap their tails, believed to be an act of communication and to demonstrate their individual strength. Spy hopping is when the humpback whales come high out of the water to literally have a look around at the world above. Enjoy a tour with our talented and experience whale watch team, and enjoy the ocean sights around the harbor.
Cab or Pedicab!

Getting around in Newburyport is easy! Take a break from the strolling around and hale our Pedicab! Tip good for these rides around town are free. Great way to take a load off, and enjoy the view!
For long voyages, or local cab companies will make your longer distance travel and pleasure.
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