Stylish, Unique, Enriched, Plush Clothing Boutiques Line The Cobble Stone Walkways In The Town of Newburyport, And Will Make Everyday A Fashionable Statement!

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The Elephants Trunk was established in 1973 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary. We at the Elephants Trunk work very hard to make our clothing easy with an artistic edge.

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Smitten located on Inn Street in Newburyport covers the wardrobe pallet with exceptional clothing and accessories that will make any outfit complete. With a unique talent and passion for helping customers find the perfect feel, fit, and comfort all the while catering to your specific needs whether a night out on the town,
or an important function.
Rocas Boutique in Newburyport specializes in unique fashions for the everyday woman who wants to be stylish. Rocas carries an eclectic collection of accessories that include pieces designed for the likes of Lady Gaga and the stars of Sex in the City. Also there is an incredible array of handbags that will keep you coming back for more!

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